Maschmanns have employees from all over the world. We hope to get a small talk with all of them.  This week we have the barbecuefestival at Maschmanns and a foodtalk with one of the guys in the Maschmanns Express  is appropriate.


Alex Coetzee

Function in Maschmanns?

Express chef, grill and rotisserie, making people happy

Where are you from?

I’m from beautiful South- Africa


A free spirited person, with a love for all things food and music, ben a chef for 7- years, but grow up cooking, also been making music all my life

Favourite dish?

Definitely… my mothers crab curry, its amazing. Eaten with fresh bread, a hammer and a glass of red

Best food experience?

Hunting my own antelope in the bush, and cooking it and berried inside the groud in Africa

Favourite gadget in the kitchen?


Describe Maschmanns with 3 words ?

Fresh, innovative and continental

Bbq tips

  • Always clean your grill/grid with a steel brush or use a onion
  • Marinate your meats the day before
  • Allow your meat to rest before you eat
  • Do not prod and poke your meat, all the juices will come out